How Do I Perform a Japanese Cuckold?

Japanese Cuckold 2

The Japanese Cuckold is a taboo in the West for obvious reasons. For years, the Western men have always been the ones who end up getting the “cuckold” in bed. Even though the Western society has made it legal to be able to have sexual intercourse with other people outside of your relationship with them (such as a married or fling), there are still some people who are squeamish about having “the little spoon”. As such, if you are a man reading this, chances are that you aren’t really sure what the word “cuckold” means. Allow me to explain it to you. Because if you happen to be a man who is starting to get turned on by a Japanese cuckold, you will want to know just how to make your partner feel this intense pleasure…

First, we must start from the woman. To understand just how the Japanese cuckold can work for you, it will be important that you understand what the male partners in Japan are viewed as. The man is considered the head of the household and is responsible for providing for his wife and family. His income is usually quite low, since most Japanese men live on a small salary.

Japanese Cuckold

How the Japanese cuckold can work for you?

Because of his role as the primary provider, the man has the responsibility of fulfilling his woman’s needs. He does this through his sexual skills, but he also wants to provide the loving support that every woman needs. In order to keep his wife satisfied in this way, it is his duty to perform cuckold techniques. Cuckold techniques that will allow his wife to climax quickly and deeply. This way, both he and his wife will become more fulfilled and relaxed in the bedroom!

On the other hand, the woman in Japan is considered the nurturer. Her role is to provide her husband with everything that he needs in order to raise a family. She does this through her loving support and the gifts that she keeps in the home. This way, the man knows that if he ever lost her, he has a strong foundation to stand on in the face of life. Many men fear becoming a victim of the wife’s need for attention, but with this form of cuckolding, the man knows that he will not have to go through this process!

Feel the pain and to be fully aware of it!

When performing the technique, the woman is positioned to be penetrated by her husband. However, she must make sure that the man uses the “spanking” method on her. This method allows her to feel the pain and to be fully aware of it. Once the two of them become familiar with this sensation, the experience will become even more pleasurable and exciting!

You should now be able to get a good idea of how this technique works. If you want to learn more about it, you can find great information online! There are a lot of great tips and instructions that will be included in your learning curve. The two of you will have a great time together, and you will both be well on your way to enjoying the many benefits of being a master cuckold. It will spice up your sex life!